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About Service

We help you feel renewed and amazing.

We offer a range of acupuncture packages and options which can be tailor made to suit you. Our acupuncture package is a great affordable option for repeat session.

We are an ACC accredited supplier.

Acupuncture Package

We offer a concession discount for multiple sessions:


Prepay Plans  *Price

Private Acupuncture

10 x $85 = $850
20 x $75 = $1500

Private Express Acupuncture

10 x $50 = $500


Private $90

Private Express $55

ACC Visit $30


Please note your first visit which is the Initial Consultation will take 15 minutes for a full history and a further 45 minutes of acupuncture.
Subsequent sessions will either be 30 minutes or a full hour. After your first consultation you will be given a treatment plan with a recommendation of how often you should come so as best meet your treatment goal

Young woman getting acupuncture treatment in therapy room

Cupping $55

Moxibustion $55

Herbal Powder $10~15/day

Hijama Cupping Treatment on Women's Back

Massage Service Fees:

Choose      60 minutes    90 minutes    120 minutes 

Price           $90                   $130                $170

Type of Massage offering.

Signature ( Full Body)  

Deep Tissue Sport      

Hot stone

Traditional Thai 



Head/ Shoulder/ Back 

Deep Tissue Massage Close up.
Smiling girl
We are here to help and please contact us and anyone of our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

We see a lot of patients who are new to acupuncture. Don’t worry, we will talk you through it. Once you arrive for your treatment your practitioner will discuss what brought you in and ask targeted follow up questions to help them decide how to proceed with the session.

Why Choose Us

Focusing on you, with the best therapeutic care.

We are unconditionally committed to providing our patients with the very best medical care in a gentle, friendly and high effective manner.

Woman's health

Menstrual Management, Infertility Treatment and Gynecology Inflammation.

Pain relief

Pain relief on back and shoulder, Spine, Muscular, Nervous, Soft tissue injury.

Internal medicine

Gastrointestinal discomfort, Hypertension, high cholesterol & Diabetes management.


Stroke recovery, Neck stiffness, Upper or Lower back pain, Facial.

Acupuncture happiness and cheerful people